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Contemporary Dance

contemperorary dance

Contemporary Dance

Learn Contemporary Dance Classes in Mumbai with Modern Style from Atul Jindal and Karan Kumar also Provide Classes in Delhi (South Delhi)

Grace, panache, dedication, expression, elegance, all these are some of the forms of contemporary dance. Gifted from the western dance style, it is an elegant dance form that can make anyone fall in love with it.

If you are hunting for best contemporary dance classes in Delhi that can educate you about basics as well as advance techniques of this incredible dance form then check for our Big Dance Centre academy. There are innumerable dance schools all around, but we are the BEST! B’coz we offer dance training adhere to not only national but to international levels.

Contemporary dance style evolves from the mix of distinct kinds, like yoga, ballet, and more. It involves not only dancing from expression but from soul. With a desire to teach dancer lovers with adequate techniques of this dancing style we even have our contemporary dance schools in Mumbai. Our trainers are personal choreographers of grand celebrities and so there is no doubt of inadequacy!

contemporary dance

contemporary dance

Our institute encourages student to participate in all the levels of dance programs. Our institute provides courses at both graduate and post graduate level. Our Contemporary dance classes in South Delhi introduces students to artistic dance practice. Since our institute is well equipped with modern technology, our students excel in their field.

The fee structure of our institute is very manageable by students of all levels. Students of our institute are also exposed to media both within the country and internationally. Our students also go out for stage programs all over the world under the supervision of our trained teachers.All the famous choreographers from around the world attend the workshops organized by our institute. Dance classes in North Delhi even provide free trial classes to students in the presence of renowned dancers from our institute.

Check for online registration facility is available where students can register online and can take a free trial class.

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  1. Aman Agarwal

    Hello there. I am a student and come to Mumbai in my vacations. I am a contemporary dance fanatic and would love to learn more in this field of dance.
    Kindly share with me the fee structure of all the programs that you conduct so that I can choose amongst them the best that suits me.

  2. Big Dance Centre (Post author)

    Hello Aman

    Please reach out to us on our customer care number – 8899340340 for more information & our team will be happy to answer you on the query.

    Team Big Dance

  3. Anjali Arya

    Hello… Anjali from dis syd . Can I have d brochure of Big Dance which is in rohini sec-3. I love dancing n I want my career in dance. I love contemporary dance form, n I want to learn further in dis form… I want to excel in dis. Pls tell me d tym period of being a good dancer.

    1. Big Dance Centre (Post author)

      Hi Anjali it takes years of hardwork and dedication to become a good dancer . Please visit our website classes tab or call 8899340340 for more information


    Wanted to enquire about the jazz and contemporary dance classes in gurgaon or delhi. TRying to contact on the number, but showing busy always.

    Could you please revert me.


    1. Big Dance Centre (Post author)

      You can check our classes schedule at http://www.bigdancecentre.com/classes and visit centre accordingly for a drop in / package class .


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