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We at Big Dance Centre love to see our students grow which is why we have spent time in creating customized programs that suit the various needs of those who seek to further themselves in the fields of dance and the performing arts....

PDSP - Professional Dance Study Program
Professional mentoring & training program for dancers



  • Intensive training in primary techniques of different forms by renowned and experienced faculty.
  • Body training made enticing through music.
  • Preparing the student to use instructed techniques in a customized way.
  • Interaction with pioneers of different fields through Master Classes.
  • Optional syllabus for different forms of dance such as Bollywood, Freestyle, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz and Gymnastics.
  • Choreography guidance to any annual or occasional events organized by the centre.


  • Extension of your curriculum with extra hours.
  • Body conditioning and toning which aids flexibility and strength.
  • Development of work ethics and knack for sharing creative space with different people.
  • Freedom of creative expression and individuality.
  • Opportunity of sharing work space with peers from the dance field.
  • Development of basic rhythm and groove in the body.

PAEP - Professional Arts Education Program
Dance cum fitness program for schools



Regular dance/performing arts classes in school timetable. Choreography guidance to all the annual and occasional functions organized by the school Particular forms of dance which can range from Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Bollywood Freestyle, Gymnastics and Yoga.


  • Centralized education in dance and performing arts
  • Easy approach for students
  • An addition to school curriculum
  • New career direction for the students in the school, to pursue dance as a profession

SS - Student Showcase
Personality development through stage performance


AAI - Akanksha Art Initiative
An Initiative for Communal Art Development



Akanksha Art Initiative is a trust that aids under privileged children by providing financial assistance and vocational training for the cultural enrichment of the society.

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