Why Big Dance

Big Dance is your one stop destination. Known for its state of the art facilities and it's faculty of teachers that is renowned and experienced, Big Dance Center will give you the push you need to take you in the right direction. The diversity in dance styles taught and the ambiance to complement the set up, gives you an experience of learning and enjoyment all together.

What is the monthly package for classes and how many classes will i get in a month?
Can we change our dance form for another before the completion of an 8-class package?
Can I see the studio before i join your classes?
What kind of classes do you teach?
If I am dancing for the first time, what would be the best class for me?
What is the minimum and maximum age group to join classes?
Who is going to be my instructor?
Do i get a discount if I get more people to join?
Can we get a free trial for more than one class?
Do you provide any transportation facility?
Do i need to be of a certain weight or height to be able to join your classes?
Do you give performance opportunities to students if they have been training with you for some time?
If i miss a class, will I get compensated for the same?
In how much time can I become a dancer?
What is the procedure to join the Big Dance Company?
Can I join in as an instructor?