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We at Big Dance Center love to see our students grow which is why we have spent time in creating customized programs that suit the various needs of those who seek to further themselves in the fields of dance and the performing arts.

PDSP - Professional Dance Study Program
Professional mentoring & training program for dancers



  • Intensive training in primary techniques of different forms by renowned and experienced faculty.
  • Body training made enticing through music.
  • Preparing the student to use instructed techniques in a customized way.
  • Interaction with pioneers of different fields through Master Classes.
  • Optional syllabus for different forms of dance such as Bollywood, Freestyle, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz and Gymnastics.
  • Choreography guidance to any annual or occasional events organized by the centre.


  • Extension of your curriculum with extra hours.
  • Body conditioning and toning which aids flexibility and strength.
  • Development of work ethics and knack for sharing creative space with different people.
  • Freedom of creative expression and individuality.
  • Opportunity of sharing work space with peers from the dance field.
  • Development of basic rhythm and groove in the body.
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PDSP is a course that changed me from a ‘back row corner girl’ to a ‘confident dancer’; a course that nourished not just my body but also me, as a person first, then as a dancer, a performer and even, a teacher.

Manisha Aggarwal, PDSP Student 2011

PAEP - Professional Arts Education Program
Dance cum fitness program for schools



Regular dance/performing arts classes in school timetable. Choreography guidance to all the annual and occasional functions organized by the school Particular forms of dance which can range from Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Bollywood Freestyle, Gymnastics and Yoga.


  • Centralized education in dance and performing arts
  • Easy approach for students
  • An addition to school curriculum
  • New career direction for the students in the school, to pursue dance as a profession

SS - Student Showcase
Personality development through stage performance



A student showcase is an event where Big Dance takes its students from the realm of the studio to the stage, transforming them completely into polished artists. This program gives an outlet to all students to be able to showcase their intensive training through the means of expression in front of a live audience. Presence of the chief pioneers from the world of dance levels up the event even more. Two year’s consecutive successful run on the stage, and an eternal success to look forward to, Student Showcase sets the pertinent marker of Big Dance Centre.

AAI - Akanksha Art Initiative
Dance cum fitness program for schools


Akanksha Art Initiative is a trust that aids under privileged children by providing financial assistance and vocational training for the cultural enrichment of the society.

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Inspirations at
Big dance


Mr. Rajeev Surti

We are lucky enough to have been associated with Mr. Rajeev Surti, a man who is as humble as he is talented and full of massively infectious energy. His personal story, of stepping into the Bollywood scenario after giving up numerous enticing opportunities, is inspiration in itself for us. The enthusiasm, hard work and honesty that he brings to his art has made us aim for improvement and growth in our work skills with each passing day.


Mr. Santosh Nair

Mr. Santosh Nair has been a source of constant support, strength and inspiration for us. We were blessed with the good fortune of learning under his guidance in our evolving years. He has taught us some of the most important lessons of life as artists and as teachers. He moulded our bodies and minds and transformed us from raw talent to being performers on stage.  He has inspired us to be confident at every step of our journey, giving us great opportunities to explore our innate talent and to grow as performers and as a company.


Phillip Chbeeb

Mr. Phillip Chbeeb came into our lives as a whirlwind of creativity, innovation and individuality. Time spent in his company has been cherished by all of us, not only for the positivity that he possesses and brings out in all of us, but also, for the inspiring stories and lessons that he has shared with us. He taught us his ideals of the importance of originality and honesty in an artist and how significant it is to be successful and appreciated.


Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh has been a mentor and a friend, extending his helping hand whenever we have needed him. He has provided us with immense opportunities and helped us make a niche for ourselves and our different styles in the Bollywood industry. During the process of working with him, he has instilled in us valuable work ethics. He inspires us by teaching us that work is the only religion and that we can always aspire and dream bigger than we have ever dreamt before.